Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply.
— Stephen Covey

We review the characteristics of good and bad listeners.

We use exercises to emphasise the key points in an unforgettable fashion!

  • The perfect holiday!

"Great at showing the difference between ‘selling’ and ‘informed selling’ and the importance of understanding exactly what somebody wants/needs before suggesting a course of action." James B. 2017

  • Do it wrong

Deliberately listening badly is difficult and it heightens an individual awareness of what they are doing. The experience of not-being listened to is also enlightening. 

  • Pause

An exercise which creates space to "consider" in conversations.

"Really liked this one- showed the importance of listening and digesting what’s been said and highlighted how being too quick to respond can make you seem overly defensive." Participant, May 2017.

Following the exercises and discussions, the participants will present to the group on the key learning points.

At the end of this session the participants will:

  • be able to make a person feel listened to
  • be better equipped to pace a (difficult) conversation
  • appreciate the importance of understanding others' needs.