In all my years in business, I don’t think I have ever seen the team come out of a training session with such enthusiasm. The team emerged bristling with great ideas and thoughts on what they would do to improve our internal communications and our interactions with clients. I strongly recommend this course - applicable content, engaging delivery and under-stated team-build benefits on the side.

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— Justin Wilkes, Director, SpinkHealth.
Insightful, effective and enjoyable. Covered a wide range of outcomes in a short space of time and used a variety of methods and exercises in doing so. Learnt a lot which I can apply to both an internal working and external client setting.
— Luke P. - 2017
Absolutely great – so informative and engaging. Every task was relevant and provided key learnings that will be easily transferable into my day to day role. Honestly, the best and most useful training session I’ve ever had.
— Catherine M. - May 2017
‘Upskilling Effectiveness!’ is an extremely valuable course, with clear benefit to our own internal communications and communication with clients. Once put into practice, the knowledge and skills gained from the course should have a clear and tangible benefit to agency running, client relations, campaign planning and delivery.
— Claire N. - 2017
Mike was extremely engaging and did a great job at relating the exercises back to our day-to-day roles and responsibilities wherever he could.
— Participant 2017
Mike was a good tutor who was easy to talk to, used his own experiences to personalise learning and engaged the audience throughout.
— James B. - 2017